The Easiest Way To Change Flat Tire In Just 6 Minutes - Get an Electric Car Jack for Yourself

Having a car is a great thing, but, not always. You can't prevent your car from having flat tire. It is a common phenomenon that occurs to almost any car in the world. Nobody enjoys having a flat tire. If you do, then this is not the right place for you.

Many of us don't prefer having a flat tire. Why?

Because changing a tire is a tiring, devastating, frustrating, and an undesirable job for many. It requires a greater extent of manual work, time and money(if you go to the mechanic).

What do most of us generally do?

We don't have a choice but to manually change it ourselves. Many cars are equipped with a scissor jack and a electric for manual work to be done, when changing tire. The procedure definitely requires a lot of energy and it is often long enough to make us sweat massively. It involves a lot of twisting and turning and by the time you finish it, you would have probably become so exhausted and fatigued.

But wait!! What are the odds that it will not happen again? Sooner or later, you are still going to face another encounter of flat tire. The hectic job must be done again....

What if there is a solution for this problem? How can we evade from the unfortunate task of changing tire? We know that getting a flat tire is not unusual, but will there be a much better way to change the tire? Well, the good news is, there is a solution for this typical problem!!

There is no need for your scissor jack or electric anymore, when you have these tools to change it all!! Say goodbye to your conventional skills of changing tire. Changing a flat tire will be easy as ABC, once you have this 21st century technology in your hands!!

It is known as JackMaster. It operates with electricity alone. A set of modern equipment that we have created to benefit all the car owners. It is truly a masterpiece like no other. Our team have dedicated enormous effort and time to perfect it.

INTRODUCTION-Delivering a motorised screw jack with 12 Volt DC current supply integration. This mechanical engineering system operated by turning a lead screw according to needed height which can be done either manually with electric motor with it. This system works based on the on-board battery output 12Volt DC, and the electricity needed for the operation of the screw jack is taken from this battery.

The mechanism is very straightforward. Our JackMaster just needs to be connected to the cigarette lighter receptacle in your vehicle and it does all the heavy lifting for you. The auto tool is so efficient and convenient that it takes about an average of 5 minutes only to replace the tire without any hassle!! How easy is that?!!

Lift your vehicle with a touch of a button!!

Innovative Design & Cutting Edge Technology

Compared to classic jacks and electrices, JackMaster has a very unique scissor jack and impact electric. The electric scissor jack is designed from tough and durable materials. It is a certified high quality product which is able to withstand high pressure and does not get damaged. 

The motor technology is derived after years of intense research. With only 12V of power, the motor is capable of lifting weights up to 2 tonnes. Our Research & Development results shows that the motor can go up and down for approximately 900 times!! By simple logic, we can conclude that it has about 10 years of lifetime.

The jack has a wider base, to enhance the stability. This ensures that the jack will not slip or fall down during operation.

The impact electric is yet another innovative design created by us. It has enough torque to loosen wheel nuts within seconds!! It also tightens the nuts at an appropriate force, to prevent over-tightening. Over-tightening of wheel nuts  may damage the nut thread.

*NOTE - Every bolt and nut have specific torque associated to them, depending on their size and thread pitch. Therefore, don't over-tighten them.

Ergonomical, Save energy

Anything that is ergonomically can minimize physical discomfort. JackMaster tools have the exact definition. You don't have to strain yourself too much, as the tools deter a great amount of manual involvement. It is energy efficient because it is operational via a single touch of a button, therefore, minimizing excessive energy usage by a person. 

Ease of Usage, Convenience, Uncomplicated

The tools are very easy to handle. You don't need a Master's degree from a university to be able to operate it. Anyone can use it as long as the specified terms and conditions are taken care of.

A certain group of people always find difficulty to change the tire. This depends on their gender, physical capability and age factor. For instance old people don't have the strength to use classic jack and electric. Tall and fat people can't work by keep on squatting down and getting up due to their physique or stature. Women are also affected by their physique. Apart from that, drivers who are inexperienced in changing tire find it difficult some time.

 Read the following article that claims that 1 out of 3 women drivers are having incompetent skills in changing tire.

Performance & Results

Its performance can amaze anybody. Lifting a 2 tonne vehicle in about 30 - 40 seconds, loosening a nut within 30 seconds, and completing the entire tire changing process in just about 5 -7 minutes. The greater advantage here is that you get to finish the job so fast that your time will never be wasted. Therefore, this machine definitely helps you to save your precious time.

Other advantages

Do you know that many people often complain of having bruises, blisters, and cuts while operating traditional jacks and electrices? You might have experienced them by yourself. That is why we are providing a pair of high quality tire changing gloves for free. It prevents your hands from getting dirty or injured.

Another minor advantage is that, JackMaster can significantly reduce accident risks. "How?” you might ask. In many cases drivers are oblivious to what's happening around them when changing a tire. This may deter their concentration on the road. Therefore, to some extent it does provide job security.

Believe it or not, a lot of accidents are happening while changing tire. Most of it turns out to be fatal. We have inserted some links from around the web about accidents that have occurred during a tire replacement.

Types of car that can use our JackMaster electric scissors jack:

Sports car,Luxury car,Large car,Midsize car,Small-Mini car,MPV car,SUV car,Compact car,Station wagon car,Van...



Read our JackMaster Electric Scissor Car Jack Specifications

Hello and welcome to our website. JackMaster is a high quality electric car jack that is specially designed for the convenience of car owners. It is a subsidiary brand of our main company, The Galaxy Xpress Resources. Our company is born in the year of 2008. Our company is specialized in manufacturing and trading car parts and accessories. All of our products are manufactured after years of intense research and development by a dedicated team. Our main goal is QUALITY & SAFETY. We are committed to deliver durable, superb functionality products at an affordable price. Our products are trusted by many around the world because of this reason.

1) JackMaster Toolbox  

The toolbox is a blow molding box. It is made out of high quality reinforced polyamide. Therefore, it tends to be more durable and wear resistant.

2) DC PJackMaster-In Power Cable 

Known also as the cigarette lighter adapter it is a 4.5 meter long power cable which will be used to power up the scissor jack and the impact electric. The adapter has to be connected to the cigarette lighter receptacle which is installed inside the vehicle. The other end has to be connected to the device you would want to operate. The power cable can resist heat and prevents short circuit during operation.

3) 12V Electric Scissor Car Jack  

The car jack has a strong design and optimized structure to greatly improve the stability. The fittings in jack are also made out of high quality materials to bear the load capacity easily. The upper part of the device which is the “head”, is made out of high resistance alloys. Its resistance force enables to jack to stick under the vehicle without slipping. It doesn't damage the chassis paint.

4) Electric Impact Wrench / Wheel Drill 

Well, the impact electric isn't a must-have automotive tool, instead, it is more like a really-would-like-to-have sort of tool. Known commonly as the torque gun or an air gun, it is widely utilised by mechanics in tire shops. Apart from that it can also be seen at pit stops in a motorsport events. It is that loud thing pit crews use to undo wheel nuts real fast. Have you ever wondered how that machine is able to undo tight nuts just by using air?

It's simple mechanics actually. The impact electric’s rotating hammer knocks on its output shaft to make quick work of twisting bolts. Plus, it lets onlookers know that you are a harnesser of potent earthly forces. Traditional impact electrices used compressed air for this purpose, but now it has been upgraded to function by electricity. Notice the "L" & "T" mark near the switch. "L" is for loosen, whereas "T" is for tighten. To witness the power of a 12V impact electric you have to get one for yourself.

What are the other reasons?

There are many reasons why a person would choose to buy an electric impact electric. They operate in much the same way as a power drill, sander or hydraulic air gun used by tire shops for changing wheels. Basically, they minimize the amount of exertion that is normally associated with using a non-electric socket electric. It has a torque force which utilizes the power to turn and tighten a socket, rather than having to do it manually.

5) Remote controller  

The remote controller is used to lift or lower the jack. It is not complicated equipment with hundreds of buttons. It has an up button and a down button. It also has a high powered led light fixed on it. The light is used during night time.

6) Battery Clips / Battery Clamps  

The battery clip is alternative equipment for the power cable. In case the cigarette lighter receptacle or the power cable doesn't work, you can definitely use the battery clips. It is connected directly to the battery terminal to power up the device.

7) JackMaster nut sockets / Wheel Nut Adapter  (17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 23mm)

The nut or bolts on the wheels are known as JackMaster nuts or JackMaster bolts. It can be called as JackMaster nut sockets or wheel nut adapters. We are providing two pieces of these sockets/adapters with 4 different diameters. The first one has a 17mm on one side and 19mm on the other side, whereas, the other socket measures a21mm on one side and a 23mm on the other side. These sockets are made out from high quality vanadium steel. It is solid, durable and cooperates with high torques. Choose the socket / adapter that fit perfectly to the nuts/bolts on the tire of your car. Then, fix it to the impact electric to undo or tighten a nut.

8) Manual Wrench

The manual electric is yet another alternative tool to lower the car after the tire replacement is done. It is a small piece of equipment inserted into the designated spot on the jack and turned, to lower the vehicle without using the remote controller  

9) Fuse

The fuse is used to substitute broken fuse. The fuse is a safety device consisting of a strip of wire that melts and breaks an electric circuit if the current exceeds a safe level. The fuse replacement is described elaborately in the instruction manual.

10) Hand Gloves

The hand gloves are used to carry the tire. We all know that tire changing is a dirty business. You ought to have gloves to keep your hands clean and prevent any bruises or cuts. Therefore, it wouldn't be a bad idea to keep a pair with you.

11) Instruction Manual  

The instruction manual is a booklet that includes the step-by-step guide, safety features information, and some general questions and answers. Use it before operating the tools of JackMaster to get a clear understanding about the product. You will receive a one year product warranty and a good after-sales service and support.

1) The first thing to be done when you have a flat tire is to pull over your car to a safe side off the road. You can park your car near a curb with the wheels facing the curb.Make sure that the ground is ideal for the repair work to be done. Turn off your engines. Turn on the hazard lights of the car, apply the handbrake, and engage the gear on a proper transmission. For Automatic transmission engage it on PARK generally indicated as ‘P’, whereas for a manual transmission place it on neutral.


2) Check the side mirror before getting down. Inspect the tire to find out how bad it is. Next go to the trunk of your car and get the JackMaster toolbox, the spare tire and any additional road safety kits that you have. Place the hazard warning triangle several meters away from behind the car. The hazard triangle functions as an indicator to alert oncoming traffic. If it is a night time then it will be safer to wear a reflective emergency jacket and use road flares as illuminators.


3) The JackMaster toolbox has an instruction manual booklet in it. Read the instructions provided carefully before operating the jack. The jack is capable of lifting weights up to 2 tonnes. Also remove anyone and any great weight from the vehicle before you attempt to use your jack. Even a small child can rock the vehicle enough to make a car jack fall.


4) Next, turn on the car engine (for voltage supply). Connect the pJackMaster-in cable to the cigarette lighter receptacle. The receptacle supplies about an average of 12V which is sufficient to operate the jack.Afterwards, connect the other end of the pJackMaster-in power cable to the car jack cable. Place the car jack under the chassis of the vehicle near the flat tire. Usually, there will be a mark or a notch indicating the jack placement position.

Info - Most cars have special jack points (refer owner’s car manual). Placing the jack in a wrong position will damage the car. If it is your first time changing the tire, then you should consider reading the owner’s manual before proceeding.


5) Next, use the jack controller to raise the jack. Make sure that the upper part of the jack sticks perfectly to the car frame. Try wiggling it slightly to check whether it is stable enough. Raise your vehicle up to the sufficient point where the wheels are at least 3 to 5 centimetres above the ground.


6) Then, unpJackMaster the pJackMaster-in power cable from the jack, and connect it to the electric impact electric (electric wheel drill). If the wheels have a hub cap remove it. You are provided with two JackMaster net sockets. Try each socket on the JackMaster nut in the wheels. Select whichever socket that suits the JackMaster nuts of the wheel. Fix the JackMaster nut socket to the impact electric. The switch 'T' for tighten and 'L' is for loosen. Now, place the impact electric on the JackMaster nuts. Turn on the 'L' switch to undo the JackMaster nuts. You will hear a loud ‘click’ sound. Usually the JackMaster nuts becomes loose in 2-3 clicks. If it is tight, you might listen up to 5 clicks or more.


7) Once you undo all the JackMaster nuts, pull the tire outwards until it is off the wheel base and place it in the trunk. Next, fit the spare tire on to the wheel base. Secure the wheel by refitting all the JackMaster nuts.


8) Use the 'T' switch to tighten the JackMaster nuts. The impact electric has a very powerful torque mechanism. You don't have to worry about the nuts loosening out. You can also check to see if the JackMaster nuts are tight enough. Once it’s done, reconnect the pJackMaster-in power cable to the jack to lower the vehicle.


9) After, the tire has been changed, drive to a nearby spare parts shop or a mechanic for a quick check.

· Identify and adjust the pressure in the new tire as soon as possible.

· Make sure that the new wheel is fitted correctly

· Replace or repair the damaged tire as soon as possible.

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